The Charlton Group, Inc. provides superior representation, project management, sales and logistical support.

We serve a global network of clients in North American, European and Asia Pacific markets.


The manufacturing industry is more competitive than ever.  You need a partner able to change the game and give you a step up on the competition.  A partner that holds trust and honor as core values.  Where a handshake is as good as a contract.  Our method may be considered obsolete, but in today’s world, a people-driven business model is more relevant than ever.

When conventional growth methods aren’t cutting it, when you need to break down barriers into a new market, you need Charlton.  We value people and we value relationships which is why we have some of the best of both in the industry.  Talk to some of our customers and you’ll understand why we have enjoyed consistent growth and success for almost 40 years. 

If you need a team equally invested in your success as you are; a team able to open the doors you thought were already closed; a company with a footprint on every continent and next to every major OEM, when you’re ready to work with the best in the industry, give us a call.



We are Business Development Specialists.

Our sales team is strategically positioned around the globe to grow your business at an expeditious rate.  Where you find major OEMs you will find Charlton offices, living with the customer and cultivating business at a fraction of a cost of an internal salesforce.   Charlton works with the major OEM or Tier suppliers’ serving as an extension to their purchasing group and expedites world-class supply to ensure on-time, high-quality delivery at competitive pricing.  

Within this core service area, there are 3 ways for clients to work with Charlton, and we customize them to meet your company's unique needs and objectives:

1. The Universal Approach

Our team becomes your sales force.  

Charlton has offices in every market and location you need. We work seamlessly with your internal sales and engineering staff.  Due to our global presence, high level relationships and OEM integration we develop opportunities more rapidly and more thoroughly than otherwise possible; and at a fraction of the cost of an internal sales staff.  This is the most cost effective method.

2. Turnaround-Driven Approach

We are frequently hired by companies who are looking to grow, turnaround and sell a manufacturing business.

Private Equity companies recognize the benefit of outsourced specialized sales and Charlton’s ability to grow a company at a rate otherwise unachievable.  All at a substantially lower cost and without the additional salaries on the company's balance sheet.

3. Targeted Approach

Occasionally manufacturers will have the need for a strategic approach to develop specific opportunities in narrow markets.  

Charlton’s reach is typically more broad than even the largest companies and we can assist when roadblocks are hit; utilizing our high level contacts.  This approach is more useful for large cap companies with revenues in excess of $5 billion USD with an extensive in-house sales network.




We work in tandem with the global OEMs to locate high quality, difficult to find manufacturers of key components anywhere in the world.  Whether your search includes a low cost magnesium supply or a high quality carbon fiber manufacturer, we can locate the company, vet them and bring them to series production.



We have listened to the needs of our overseas suppliers and have developed an in-house warehousing and distribution center to simplify the process of supplying to North America.  Whether you are in need of warehousing, quality sorting or light assembly, our in-house distribution center can help.

CTC Distribution sits in Dearborn, Michigan in the shadow of Ford Motor Company.  We have nine acres sitting at a railhead with approximately 200,000 square feet.  It is a completely secure, fenced-in location and the workforce has proven to be highly skilled and exceptionally hard working.  The competitiveness in our pricing has allowed us to be one of the most successful warehouse and distribution centers for the automotive OEMs and tier-level suppliers.


When the Charlton Group hits its stride and your in-house engineering is buried in new business, our engineering group can help.  Virtual Engineering has over 25 years of experience helping manufacturing companies design and develop new product using state of the art technology.  Virtual Engineering has access to Catia, NX, or Pro/Engineer CAD systems and can supply engineering talent on a contract basis.  Our team of engineers are all automotive veterans capable of performing product design, engineering analysis, and validation testing to meet your project needs.


We invest in young promising companies in the automotive and mobility space. These companies include manufacturers of parts, AI, and a variety of technology, services,  and software.   Helping companies scale, build new products, and reach new markets.



“Chris and his team have unmatched access to senior executives at every major automotive company around the world.  His impressive network of contacts, first rate character and ethics and deep industry knowledge makes him my first call, especially for complicated situations”

- TOM Fennimore 




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